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About Miguel Delgado,MD-Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon

Introduction Dr. Miguel Delgado is a top-quality Cosmetic and Plastic Reconstructive surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area. His keen artistic skill and dedication to concierge patient care create the natural-looking surgical result that is his hallmark. Dr. Delgado has achieved the highest educational and training credentials during his 25 years of performing cosmetic surgery. He performs various types of facelifts, eyelid lifts and endoscopic brow lift procedures to fit patient needs and desires. He has performed many "MommyMakeovers” and has been filmed by a London TV station. He is a breast implant revision specialist and has performed many breast augmentation surgeries. Dr. Delgado performs many tummytucks and liposuction procedures. He has become a Gynecomastia (male breast reduction) specialist who treats patients from around the United States and throughout the world. Dr. Delgado has produced over 60 videos about these procedures which can be viewed on his website or YouTube at migueldelgadomd1

Facelift Surgery Napa County- The Natural Looking Facelift

Facelift Napa County- A Natural Appearing Facelift Napa County,California: A natural looking facelift is the ultimate goal of most people seeking facial rejuvenation. There are many key components to this process. One of the most important is the plastic surgeon who … Continue reading

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